Manchester based Graffiti Artist, Rik "ALTO" Cheetham has been painting walls since the mid' 90's. A member of the Game Over Crew and FTL (For The Love), a passion for Hip Hop and a talent for Art and Design manifested itself as a love for graffiti, which eventually would become a career. As well as a commercial graffiti artist for hire and a graphic designer, Rik studied the history and culture of Hip Hop as Graffiti in order to become an expert in the communicative arts.


"When dealing with graffiti art, or any art in the public eye, we must be concerned about the power that location or work has, to influence or inspire change"


As well as working as a mural artist with leading corporations such as Nike, EA Games and PRS for Music, Rik also has spent many years working with Youth and Community organisations to create change by inspiring young people to engage with art in order to develop life changing work skills.


Available for hire for private and commercial commissions. click here


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