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Manchester Graffiti Artist, Rik "ALTO" Cheetham has painted walls, canvases and interiors across the UK for the likes of NIKE, hip hop legends Public Enemy and host to the largest global entertainment acts, Manchester Arena. You have probably seen his work on TV, on Sky 1 Wayne Rooney's Street Striker or the BBC Large Screen in Manchester's Exchange Square or in the background of interviews of global stars in Manchester Arena's backstage corridors.


Member of various graffiti crews over the years, Alto has always liked to stay on the outskirts of the Manchester Graffiti scene in order to simply do his own thing, paint whatever styles he wants to (and believe he CAN paint whatever he wants) and generally be creative and uninfluenced in his artwork. These days, Alto lives a more easy going life in his home town of Stockport as a family man, painting with long-term collaborators GECKO, KEAS and 30DZ.


Still available for private and commercial commissions. click here



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