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Chillberries Frozen Yogurt - End to End Brand Design

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Faces In The Crowd - Illustration Collection

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Logo Design

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Digital Kicks Illustrations

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Weapons of Mass Creation Illustrations

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Graphic Design

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Infographic Design

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Featuring both personal and commercial graphic art and design work spanning over a decade. Producing Illustrations, Infographics and print design for numerous clients and work presented to the likes of Muhammed Ali and Meat Katie's record label LOT49 as well as full branding campaigns for business and independent clients.


More than just Manchester's Premier graffiti artist; All Weather Artist means just that, multi media art and design whatever the weather. The same artistic skills applied with digital tools.


All Artwork by Manchester based Illustrator and Graphic artist Rik Cheetham.



Featured Graphic Project Sites:

What's In A Name?... | Faces In The Crowd | Weapons Of Mass Creation | Chillberries |

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All images, concepts and properties are copyright of Rik Cheetham or the respective clients of