Guerilla Marketing and Graffiti Advertising by All Weather Artist Manchester


Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a technique which uses strategic positioning on the streets to reach a mass audience. Guerrilla marketing is a new term, but as a marketing method it is replicating the process a graffiti writer would use to get their name known in a city. Different clients want to use different methods to get their artwork published. Reverse graffiti (the process of cleaning a logo on a surface) is very popular currently. Using chalk based, removable paint is a method I used with PRS for Music to publicise their "Song for Manchester" campaign. We stencilled their logo outside hundreds of businesses who subscribed to their PRS license,  throughout Greater Manchester. However, there are a wealth of methods by which a message can be spread in the public domain, who better to ask than the experts who have been at it for decades!


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