Graffiti Art Workshops






Whether in school, college or higher education - We believe in Education through Inspiration.


Our workshops are a little different to your normal sessions. We believe in providing more than some painting skills for a day, we also strive to pass on the principles of respect and the pursuit of excellence which exists in Hip Hop.


Despite the demand, there was a time when we refused to do workshops with young people due to the hazards of using solvent based aerosol and the lack of facilities available outside of the classroom. However, with water based spray paint becoming available as a solvent free teaching medium and an increased city-wide tolerance and legal locations being made available - we can now continue to create the next generation of great artists.


We like to think our workshops can give something back to the community in a long term capacity so also offer a community strategy to cater for the long-term legacy of the inspiration we share.


Workshop Format


– Session overview

- Ground rules- Group discussion of themes, ideas

– Drawing, design & planning skills

– Basic spray can techniques.

- Production session.


Learners can create a T-Shirts, Canvas or a Wall mural but surfaces must be supplied by you. We can provide the paint and any consumables within the workshop price. For Health and Safety requirements, each learner must also use a suitable mask which we also supply.


For learners under the age of 18 and in instances where we must work indoors, we use water based aerosol paint which is free from toxic fumes and solvents.


DBS, risk assessments & insurance details are available upon request

Workshop Prices


up to 15 people taking part.


Only £650 plus travel at cost


up to 30 people taking part. You must supply 1 support worker.


Only £1000 plus travel at cost


Both packages are for 3 hour workshops – if the workshops are needed for longer hours then more materials are needed so please get in touch for more details.

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